Constant layer of frizz and tangles?

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Lately, the back of my hair has been constantly tangled and frizzy. After I shampoo, it's tangled and frizzy. After I spend 15 minutes combing conditioner through my hair with my fingers and losing way more strands of hair than I think is normal, it's tangled and frizzy. And once it dries it is of course tangled and frizzy.

I'm not using any products with sulfate or silicones so what's the deal??

Btw my hair stats: 3a, coarse, low porosity, thick (I should really put this in my signature...)

Thank you!


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    Because of the "tight" cuticle, it's rare for low porosity hair to tangle. My hair only tangles when I go too long without a haircut (I usually go every six weeks) or use a product with ingredients it doesn't like.

    You don't say what products you are using, so I can't suggest any ingredients that might be giving you an issue. I'd suggest a haircut, clarify to remove any ingredients your hair doesn't like and a few DTs to moisturize.
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    I'd suggest a haircut. If you have shorter layers in the back, it could be that u have split ends and they are tangling together...

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    I just got a Deva cut and this was one of the issues I have had forever. She told me that frizz is because I am under moisturized. I really didnt think I could be since I do Dt all the time. She showed me to add my conditioner to soaking wet hair and scrunch it in like my stylers. I will even add some more water after I start scrunching it in. It has made a big difference. I do also feel that the cut itself has made a difference.

    One thing I did learn that everything I thought my hair was it wasnt. I am not a wavy I am a curly and I am not high porous. I am fine/med when I thought I was course. I now know the proper products to use.
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    I may be over simplifying this, but just in case ....

    I often had a frizzy strip down the middle of my head. I thought I was applying my products evenly, but I wasn't. I always make sure I apply it with my head tipped over but then lift my head up and rank some in the middle back of my head. I do this with conditioners and stylers.
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