4 Months In...How do I style this?

alykattalykatt Posts: 4Registered Users
Hey Everyone,
So I've been transition for 4 months and I have no idea what I should be doing to style my hair. I usually just wear it up, but lately it's been breaking off my relaxed ends. Plus I have pretty thick hair so I feel like it fights me when I'm trying to put it up... Basically, I just need help trying to figure out what I should do.



  • fonkifonki Posts: 353Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    In the midst of transitioning myself,
    I found wearing my hair in twists helped as a good protective style.

    I eventually had to take the leap and cut off the relaxed ends. It just wasn't an option to keep em anymore. And plus the 2 textures did not look or feel healthy
  • atx_eveatx_eve Posts: 278Registered Users Administrator
    Bantu knot outs!!! This style saved my life (and my hair) It's perfect because it'll blend the natural curl with the straight relaxed ends to just have bouncy curls that all look the same. I made a video tutorial --> BANTU KNOT OUT. - YouTube but i definitely do NOT have thick hair, so here's another video from one of my favorite youtubers --> How To Bantu Knot Out "Natural Hair" Style - YouTube and here's what it looks like on someone with relaxed ends --> Requested Tutorial: T'n'C Curly Fro - YouTube that last one is technically a twist and curl but it gives somewhat of the same effect.

    hope that helped!
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  • alykattalykatt Posts: 4Registered Users
    Thanks you two!
  • SCarrinSCarrin Posts: 160Registered Users
    Ditto to bantu knots!!!! Did those mostly throughout my first year of transitioning.

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  • alykattalykatt Posts: 4Registered Users
    thanks carin
  • JydalJydal Posts: 178Registered Users
    Try cane rows in a pineapple style and then clip a curly hair bun that matches your hair as a ponytail/bun.
  • curlislandcurlisland Posts: 85Registered Users
    You may get good results with flexi rod or straw sets .
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