Big Chop !

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I Am Very Clueless As To Where To Start . I'll be doing my big chop in 3 days . I do not look good with short hair PERIOD . So is it ok to get weaves and braids until my hair reaches it's desired length ? Is creme of nature a good product line to use ? And whats a good deep conditioning treatment ? I use to have long beautiful relaxed hair but when I switched locations it was downhill from there . I don't know what styles to get or what products to use . HELP


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    Hey Tecia! Take a deeeeeep breath lol let me see if I can help:

    1) There aren't strict rules to growing out your hair. If you don't like short hair on you, then that's fine! You can grow out your hair with weaves and braids no problem. Whatever works for you.

    2) creme of nature: I've never used it, but look at the reviews on it to decide for yourself --> Product Search Results and

    3) I can only speak for my personal favorite deep conditioners, because everyone's hair is different. One of my favorites is Mixed Chicks deep conditioner. Some people also make their own deep conditioners >>[]=15

    Taking care of your curls will be a trial and error process. Some products that people rave about, my hair just hates! lol so the most we can all offer is suggestions and our personal experiences.

    Creating a hair regimen is a start >> Healthy Hair Regimen for Curly Hair

    Look through the "Start Here" thread to find lots of info that new naturals usually need >>

    Hope that helped! I shy away from suggesting specific products because everyone's hair is different. But hopefully those existing threads will give you some ideas.

    I saw your other post!! lemme head over there and answer you :)
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    Yes goodness ! This helped a whole lot I was completely lost before but I have a better idea of what I need to do now . I started a new routine and I need an opinion .

    After I take out my braids I detangle > dampen hair just a tad with water > mix olive oil , honey and " Queen Helene's cholesterol with ginseng " and I let it sit on my hair for 30-45 mins with a plastic cap > rinse > mix shampoo with an egg and wash once > take the olive oil etc mix and repeat > rinse ( cool water ) > put doo gro oil and olive oil on my hair and blow dried on cool setting to seal

    Now after doing this once I did notice a dramatic change . My hair felt more moisturized and it was soft . But what I want to know is . . . . Is there anything else I need to consider doing ? Or even change about it ?

    I also want to thank you for all the help !
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    yay!!! glad that helped.

    Usually, we have to do a ton of things to get our hair on track to being healthy and moisturized. But once you feel it's where you want it to be, you can cut back slowly on some of the processes to see what your hair needs just to MAINTAIN it's moisture.

    For example, eggs are a source of protein for the hair, so once your hair has had enough protein, you may notice the egg mixture will stop working. Or it may even make your hair feel a bit rougher! That means your hair is ready to go into maintenance mode instead of fixing any damage.

    The healthier your hair becomes, the less it needs to KEEP being healthy, if that makes any sense. At least that what I've learned about my hair.

    Sounds like you've got a pretty good regimen going! keep it up! :) With time you'll learn what your hair likes and dislikes!
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    I just did my big chop two days ago so I understand what you are going through. I thought that I wouldn't look good with short hair either because I was so used to having long hair. I actually like the short look on me and I was really surprised. As far as creme of nature I love the argan oil products. I use the shampoo, intensive repair conditioner and the leave in conditioner. I also use the creme of nature argan oil as a moisturizer. You have an instant feeling of repair as soon as you use their products. I chose not to do weaves and braids because they thin out my hair and I am not able to care for my hair under them as well. I want my hair to be as healthy as possible but I will be wearing wigs as needed. Its up to you if those are the protective styles you want to wear. Some people have good results with braids and weaves. Good luck on your journey! :icon_smile:
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    That Is True ! I know when I had a relaxer my hair was healthy and once I trained it , it didn't take much maintenance . For example I could use any shampoo , conditioner , etc and my hair would stay the same . So I do know what you mean .
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    Thanks ! Im going to give creme of nature a try . As far as wigs go . . . Im a little uneasy . I don't mind wearing them but one day I went "wig shopping " and couldn't find not one that looked good on me . Wigs are a great convenience but I just haven't had any luck with them .

    I know this will be a long journey and im prepared . But If my hair isn't how I want it in about 6 months then I have no clue what to do . Thanks you guys , I have a million and one more questions but I won't drop them all on you right now . = )

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