WHICH personal lube =Curl keeper??

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and is it cost effective?


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    I think it's KY or the generic KY. One that is glycerin based. I think the one that is probably most like Curl Keeper in consistency is the liquid one, not the jelly. I've used the Jelly and it did okay (I live in a desert, so all the glycerin was just not working for me), but was definitely not the consistency of Curl Keeper. I'm trying to think of a comparison for you, but I'm coming up blank as to what the consistency would be like.

    I would just post pictures, but I'm at work and I'm guessing that would send up a big flag for our security guys. Will try when I get home, but that's now for another 3 hours.

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    Ck has glycerin but it is very far down the list, which is fine with me because my hair does not do well with a lot of glycerin (I am in Wisconsin where there is a lot of moisture in the air now and in the summer). So, I would need a product that did not have a lot of glycerin. Also, CK is pretty liquidy, and I am not sure I would be ahead price wise - does anyone know?
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    I'm not finding any generic prices online.

    I'm thinking you might be a bit ahead of the game, but not much. It looks like I may have paid $4.99 for 2.5 or 3 oz., but I don't know if that was for the jelly or liquid.

    There is another glycerin free lube you can look at, but it's going to be in the ballpark. Roughly $14 for 8 oz., so a $3-$4 savings, plus shipping if you have to pay that.