The Motivation is on my head!

pinkcurlypinkcurly Posts: 9Registered Users
Well 1 year ago i decided to do a side cut hair style.. i didnt like it so i let it grow..

I love how it looks now. The hair looks so healthy and silky.. should i do a big chop on the rest of my hair?

Or should i leave my hair be.. ?
Does the rest of my hair look unhealthy? Please tell me..


  • bellaviebellavie Posts: 64Registered Users
    There is no telling if cutting your hair on the other side will yield similar results. I would opt to leave it as it is and enjoy. Sleep in it a few nights and if it still bugs you..go for it. But you have beautiful hair...I would leave it be and enjoy.
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  • pinkcurlypinkcurly Posts: 9Registered Users
    Thanks, I've decided to just let it be. The only thing that's probably bothering me is the frizziness of my hair..

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