Work Woes

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I really have to vent here, so bare with me.

So i work with an organization where we are broken into sections. the two main sections are lab and administration. the lab section is pretty much full of science geeks, but the IT department shares our floor so they consider themselves one of us, and they understand our lab rat lingo. the administrative section is mainly the people answering the folks or contacting patients and such things. they no little to none of the lab lingo and what we do. us lab rats have always felt a cold shoulder from the administration section as a whole (there are a few really cool folks working there). so every year we have holiday party and have games and contest. last year the lab section won best decorations, a few folks from the other section was angry and felt we didnt deserve it. this year we felt that they compromised by naming a tie. but once again these people said we shouldnt had won. every contest we had went in favor of the admins section. this made me remember our summer picnic and how everything went into admins favor even if they obviously lost (there's videos showing them losing). this made me think about all the other unfair treatment that the lab rats deal with at the hands of the other sections. they have made rude remarks they claim is a joke. We say good morning they may gruffly reply back. the lab rats have complaint about their blatant disrespect before but nothint has changed. the big bosses what us all to be able to work together but how can we will dealing with people like this?

my dad has said it is probably because we get paid more and they are jealous. A co-worker said it could be because we get more recognition. a supervisor said we are more like a family then they are. we all get along better. the admin section have clinques as if they were still in high school and will signal you out if you are not part of the "in crowd". the lab section it not like that. we are all on the same level in our minds. even our supervisor treat us the same, (except one, but that is another thread)

I dont know what is wrong with these people and i dont know why they treat us they way they do. i usually dont care, but its the holiday season and you would think they would be nice this time of year!!:sad3::angry2:

If you made it this far, thank you! i just really had to let it out!