2 strand twist

Hello ladies I would like to attempt a Two strand twist for a Christmas party I am attending tomm night. It would be my first time attempt so kind of risqué. My hair is really thick and takes a awhile to dry, so would you suggest I do the twist at night and sleep on it or should I do it in the morning and take it out during the day? The party is at seven. The only problem with doing it tomm, is since it is my first attempt if it does not come out right I need time to rewash and air dry my hair for the party? What do you think?


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    Personally I would not experiment right before an occasion I wanted to really look my best. I would wait and do it when nothing special is going on. A lot of people have trouble mastering twists.
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    Dont do it. Trust me go with a trusted style

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    Ok, on that note I am going to wait. Thanks for the response