my dog won't pee outside!!!

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My poor dachshund, she won't go outside when it's as cold as it has been here. It's below 0 with the windchill, snow is on the ground. We've shoveled out a path for her in the grass too. The problem is, the minute she steps on the frozen ground, since she has no fat on her lil lower legs, something happens and she can't use her legs. We have to go out an rescue her. Well she's had enough and now is refusing to budge outside, and if we pick her up and her out, she sits there and won't move.

Anyone have any advice???


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    Can you put some of those pee pads down so her little paws aren't directly on the ground.
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    ohhh great thinking! and in 1 post too! I'll have to get some in the morning for her!
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    They make little booties for dogs, although no way in heck my dachshund would deal with those no matter how cold out. :lol:

    The pee pads are a great idea! I hope it works. :D


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    Maybe a sweater would help. They have some with legs in them too. My poodle would NOT go out when it was cold unless he had a sweater on. I know some people think it's silly to dress a dog. But when your dog is used to being inside, they can't take the cold.
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    hahahah my problem with the clothes is my dog is a bit of a chubster....shes at the doxies max weight of 30lbs. Apparently not many doxies gets to that weight because the don't make dog clothes that big for lil short legs dogs. I did buy her a sweater 2 weeks ago and altered it to work for her.....but she figured out withing 5 seconds how to get out of it
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    I second both the pee pads and dog booties ideas. My dachshund hates the cold and rain too. I don't know what he'd do if we ever left FL.
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    She wouldn't even wear a Colts sweater?!!!! :lol: :twisted:

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    melloweer wrote:
    ohhh great thinking! and in 1 post too! I'll have to get some in the morning for her!

    Dang, I wish I could overnight you all THREE boxes of pee pads we have. My dog refuses to use them. We put them on the floor (in case of accidents) and he pees right beside them. :? Thank goodness he is mostly housetrained.
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