Did Texture Typing- product recommendations

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Hello all I did the Texture typing that was recommended from another post and would now Appreciate any ideas on good products to try.
I looked at the links attached to the articles from each type but I'd really prefer being able to go to a local store and pick up my stuff and not have to order it.
I didn't recognize most of it so I assume it would have to be ordered.

Okay heres what I found out from the little test.
I am not totally sure about some of it but I think I am really close.

Curl Pattern - I believe I am a 3A but with one characteristic of 2C which is the straighter underneath.

Porosity- was Low both were the same.

Density - wasn't real sure on this , didn't understand what it wanted exactly.
So I figured Medium to low.
As my hair seems to be thinning in front a little now days but not badly. So just not sure here but my best guess IF I had to pick one would be Medium.

Hair width- was actually Medium to Fine cause it seems that I had both. Some were medium but then some were thinner than others.

Length- is Medium

So I would be
3A with straighter underneath like 2C
Porosity Low
Density Medium (to Low?)
Width Medium ( with some fine mixed in)
Length Medium

Any suggestions on easy to find products esp natural but any at all would be Appreciated.
And if anyone can share any of your experiences with simular hair types I'd Really be Very Appreciative.

Any advice, suggestions, ideas etc and any links on where to find any helpful info on my type and what I need for products would also be Very Appreciated.

Thanks so very much

I am really enjoying this site I just hope I can get it all figured out and get my hair looking as nice as I have seen in all the pictures you guys have posted.
Very hopeful and Exctied!
See ya around!

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