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Hello all I have been lurking around on the forum and have learn a lot already but I still can't figure out which products would be the best to start with.

I have fine curly hair which I found out probably needs a protein product. I thought I would start out with a lower protein product and see how that went since to much can be bad.
My hair is in really good shape as far as condition goes.

From what I have read I think maybe a lighter conditioner is better than a heavier since my hair is fine. Too heavy will weigh it down to much I think.

I'd actually really like to find some products that are natural if possible.

I have also read that most co washers with fine hair can not co wash only that most of the time you will need to
low poo some at least occassionally.

And I'd also like to have some sort of styling products to use before my hair dries.

So any product suggestions on the co wash conditioner brands, low poo brands and styling brands for my fine curly hair that are natural or as close as I can get would be Great.

Oh one more thing I it would really be nice IF they were brands I could get at Vitamin Shoppe, Target, Walmart, Walgreens , CVS, Sallys or the like. We even have two health food stores in town too. Just don't want to have to order off line.

Would Appreciate your sharing your own experiences with different brands also, natural or not.

I also plan to make me some Tshirt towels to use to see if that helps too.

I just really need to figure out where to get started with all this and would like to make the best choices I can to get started with so that Hopefully I can see some improvement in my hair and can stop wearing it in a pony tail all the time!

Oh and one more thing IF I have any of this wrong Please feel free to correct me as I want to learn thats what I am here for.

Thanks look forward to any help I can get.


  • QurlyQutiesQurlyQuties Registered Users Posts: 8
    I am a believer in Tresemmee Naturals! I use it as a pre-cleanser, co-wash, and a leave-in. When I first began the curly girl method (no shampoo's, cones, etc) this was the best inexpensive remedy. If you are looking for a protein based conditioner to use the same way, try Giovani Smooth as Silk conditioner. Check out my current wash n'go routine at 20 Curly Girl Method UPDATED "Weekly" Routine - YouTube !

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