Curse you, Folica!

IndeedIndeed Posts: 72Registered Users
I'm in the market for a new flat iron, so I decided to buy the Solia- especially since it had really good reviews. Folica had a 20% off sale that ended yesterday, so after thinking about it, I took the plunge and paid $64 for a brand new Solia, which I thought was a steal.

Lo and behold, Folica started a new...for $25 OFF. I could've bought this damn thing for $55 if I waited one extra day. :banghead: I'm almost considering buying one at $55 and returning the $64 one...

Folica, why did you have to play me like that?


  • ricotdorothyricotdorothy Posts: 436Registered Users
    :sad3: Not cool. Look into their return policy.

    You never stop learning... :color:

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