Where to buy a microfiber towel?

So I've seen a billion kitchen type microfiber towels but they are definitely too small to try to plop my hair (I have an abnormally large head!! :D ) where in the world do you buy a good sized microfiber towel???? I've checked Linens N Things, but they don't have anything.

and I've cleaned out my drawers recently so I don't have any old t-shirts to use *sigh* help!


  • PheebiePheebie Posts: 177Registered Users sells them in two different sizes. In fact, one is specifically designated as a plopping towel.
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    I get mine at Walmart in the auto department. Usually they're blue. I've seen them in towel size and like a big handtowel size.
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    I often find Aquis towels at TJ Maxx/Marshall's for about $10.
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    I got mine at the Body Shop, but I think it was kinda expensive.
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    I also got mine at the Body Shop - it was kind of expensive. I also have 2 from Sephora. Similar price ($17, maybe?) - but I love it. It's super soft and long enough to tie in the back. The Body Shop towels I have to hold in place with a hairband.
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    Gretchen wrote:

    I *love* the Mimi Diva towel! I don't really plop, but I have used a ponytail band (whatever those things are really called) to hold it closed if I want to leave it on my head for a couple of minutes while I dry off the rest of my body. It's plenty long for doing that.

    Gretchen - I'll have to try the "marvelous [buylink=]Curl-Ease towel[/buylink]" with my next order:-)
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