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Has anyone gone there? It has several good reviews on line. The names Coy, Nicole, Karen and Alisha have cropped up several times. I went to make an appt and described my hair and asked for the stylist that would be most familiar with the type. The guy on the phone would not come right out and recommend anyone. Are they not allowed to do that? He asked when I was available. I said I would rather have the best stylist and work around their schedule. He still just wanted to know when I was available. I gave him some dates and he put me in with a woman I have not read anything about. I them told him I have tried many many Deva products and that I don't like them and asked if the stylist would use something else. He asked her and said that those products are what they use with Deva cuts and she doesn't like the other curl products they have. I made the appt, but am having second thoughts. I have already had one miserable "Deva cut" experience ...which was not a Deva cut at all from which I left with a head loaded down with gunky Condition One. I don't want a cut that only uses a specific product and the smell of Deva gives me a headache.


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    Hi! How did it go? Would you recommend it?
    I was just reading reviews on yelp - seem okay.
    3b/C with nicer curls on the bottom!
    Hair: naturally very dry and VERY porous
    hair seems to be moody.
    Does not seem to like oils
    Does not like protein or too much?
    Does not like rich products

    So, I ask myself. What does it like? That is the question, and I'm on a mission.
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    Hi! How did it go? Would you recommend it?
    I was just reading reviews on yelp - seem okay.

    I went twice. I saw Alicia both times. The first time she gave me a Deva cut and I let her use the Deva products because I just really wanted to see the results of a good cut and style. I had just colored my hair and it was drier than usual so it needed all the help it could get. I explained to her that I was very familiar with the whole Deva protocol, but my issue is that it takes my hair, depending on the weather, 8 - 10 hours to air dry. I cannot gel my hair and go around with wet scrunchy looking hair all day. Does not work with my life. I have a hood dryer, but if I put in enough product to control the frizz, I cannot touch my hair at all and I find it looks as though it has no bounce or life or shine. It looks stiff and formed and too dark. SOTC just brings back the frizz. So I told Alicia that I didn't even know if I was a candidate for the whole curly girl/Deva thing. She said she thought it would work. And when I left the salon I did have good curls (I sat under the dryer) but still had the heavy product issue. She was a nice young lady who seemed very devoted to her work. She mentioned during our conversation that she hates it when people leave the salon saying they are happy and then cancel their next appointment and never come back. She said she thought people should communicate their dissatisfaction to her. Well I had made a second appointment for 8 weeks out. I really didn't,t like the cut I had, but felt I would give her a second chance. I went back even though it is 45 minutes away. I told her I didn't want another diva cut and I was going to go back to blow drying at least the top of my head and my bangs to get some style and life back into it. The whole Deva quest has been nothing but a huge waste of time and money for me (see my other Deva cut post) and I didn't want to spend that much again. So she said she was going to cut my hair dry. I am not sure how that differed from the Deva cut cause she still charged me 65.00 for it when I had said I just wanted a regular cut. I disliked the second cut more than the first. I am not saying she is a bad stylist. I just don't think my texture hair and style requirements align with the whole cg thing. (I have a ton of hair. Just too much of it). I guess I was just hoping for that one in a million person that could help me figure it out. The deva/dry cuts don't work for me. In fact ,my other rant about the 85 dollar Deva cut at the CT salon that was NOT a Deva cut was, in retrospect, one of the better cuts I have had in this whole business. After two years of this, I plan to get it cut short this week. Life is too short to spend this much time and money on hair. I hope you find something that works for you. As for the salon as a whole- it didn't strike me as anything out of the ordinary. I watched the other stylists while I was there and saw one woman give a fabulous blunt cut on a pre teen that changed her whole look, but I saw another give a woman with beautiful curls an awful short top hip length back mullet blown out to complete straightness. But in her defense, I think it was what the customer wanted.

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