Youtuber Treated to Racism at Huntersville/Birkdale Holiday Inn Express in NC

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    Hmm, the sales manager was very rude for the "you people" comment, but I also think that Alex should have sought approval from someone higher than a front desk attendant to use the room. To define her occupation of the room ad "squatting" was kinda harsh, but technically that was indeed what she was doing.

    On no planet would I expect someone to offer me the use of a space to accommodate a 5 hour class of 30 students for free.99

    Bottomline, she should have asked to speak to a manager or requested that the sales manager be called at home. I understand that it was an emergency, but I personally would not have proceeded simply with the approval of someone who was not in charge of that room.

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    ^Ditto the post above.

    She was treated rude and unfairly, and yes she should bring it to the attention of the hotel's management, but she was, in no doubt, in the wrong for occupying a room for free. The front desk attendent didn't have the authority to give her permission to use the room.

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    I think the manager misdirected her anger. I don't think it was squatting. I asked at hotel front desk if I could use the breakfast room for a meeting and was told I could. I didn't pay anything and granted the meeting was two hours long not five. The man I spoke to may have been the owner. Not sure but I would assume whoever I spoke with had the authority or would have told me they weren't authorized. The other difference may be that I stay at that hotel about four times a year for days at a time so the employees always recognize me. and I have a rewards card.
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    If the receptionist gave permission that is all that needed to be said. It was not her responsibility to follow up with anyone. The people who have her permission to use the room are in fact agents of the hotel. If any follow ups needed to be made it should have been between the hotel staff and not the guests. It was very unprofessional and disrespectful and if it happened to you I know you would feel the same. The only reason I would ask to speak with a manager at the time the space was given would have been to let management know that the receptionists had provided wonderful customer service.
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    By the way if there was really an issue with the use of the room the director or manager should have handled the matter more professionally. Perhaps they could have done this in private, away from the other guests. Nothing about this defines squatter.
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    This incident has been all the buzz on Facebook in the makeup groups and stuff. I know a few people (from Facebook) that were in attendance and they did confirm that the hotel manager lady was totally outta order and WAY over the top. There's never an excuse or reason for that, so I'm in agreement that she should report it to higher ups at Holiday Inn.

    Now here's where my stance differs....

    I still think that to expect a free room for 5 hours to hold a class you charged participants $200 dollars for is crazy. There were over 30 people at that class, so she made at LEAST $6000 before expenses. With that kind of budget, she could have BOOKED meeting space at that hotel or another hotel in the area and never skipped a beat. heck she could have rented a suite, and worked with the hotel staff to set it up so that it would hold the attendees and kept it moving.

    I think sometimes, when people are starting out (or when they are too profit driven rather than putting on a quality event), there is a tendancy to try and "cut corners" and save every penny. I mean just listening to her video, that class was a logistical nightmare...having to meet someone on the highway to exchange a freaking key to the salon? Come on now, that's doing way to much son...just rent meeting space from day one bypass all that foolishness.
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    The issue at hand is not the cutting corners, the issue is the lack of customer service provided by someone who should have handled it more professionally, especially considering her title. All of other information is just background information that shouldn't distract from the real issue.
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    Lack of CS does not mean racist - obviously I was not there, but I think we need to be careful when applying such terms to people. When she said that the receptionist relayed that the Director wasn't there that day so she could have the room, IMO, it looked like she was being slick.

    I'm thinking how I would have reacted if I walked into work a day early and I saw people in an unscheduled class in one of my meeting rooms - it would have been on like Donkey Kong. But not with the MUA (and she has no verbal contract b/c the receptionist is most likely not authorized to schedule room space) - I would have simply fired the receptionist and let her stay in the room b/c it wasn't her fault.

    All of the other details about the room being vacuumed, tablecloths washed, etc - are irrelevant. If she didn't have an actual contract with the Event Manager...when asked to leave, she should have left.
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    Having worked for a sister hotel of this one for four years as a front desk clerk, I'm pretty sure this wasn't racism. We never had the authority to book an event space, especially for free. At my hotel, I had been there long enough that the event manager gave me authority to do so, and even still I would have to call her to let her know all the details--how long, number of people, type of event, etc. Not saying she was, but if it were my manager she may have thought Alex was taking advantage. She could've handled it better, but I would've been pissed too coming to work and finding 30+ people in a room and I gave no authority.

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