Do You Have "everything" In Order...??

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I've been skipping thru life not putting that much thought into my future. It's not fun to think about being old and dying. One of my dearest friends died in March. It was a massive heart attack. After that I got busy and got a will & a living will done, bought life insurance, planned my cremation, made sure my daughter is on my pension, 401K, insurance, Roth IRA, etc. I've given her copies of everything, including my car title (car is paid off),and instructions. I want to make it as simple for her as possible. I'm not having any kind of a service, so she won't need the funeral dress. ;) I'd like to be able to afford assisted living, if it comes to that, but I can't. My daughter is going to be stuck with me.8-)
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    Yes. We're going to the lawyer's this morning to get our updated wills. Everything else is taken care of, too.
    What a WONDERFUL day!!
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    I have a will, living will, all my info for bank accounts, online accounts, passwords, my obituary, details on what to do with my ashes, what to do with my stuff, and all that jazz in a folder on my desk. My ex and my sister know it's there and know what to do.
    I'm hoping to sell my house, go back to apartment living, get rid of even more of my "stuff", and then I will own nothing but my vehicle and personal items so it will be much easier for whoever ends up having to deal with it.
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    Since I don't have a lot or even middle class worthy and don't have kids, it's just me, I don't think about it. I assume my parents will be gone before me. I do have a brother 9 years younger than me so I should do something.

    Is it sufficient enough to write down on a paper and have it notarized where you wish your bank $ and 401K should go? My car is paid off and there's just stuff in my apt which I'm sure is not monitored by anyone and can be a free for all in the family.

    Write it up, have it notarized, and give it to someone for safekeeping good enough? TIA

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