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In the last 4 years of my hair journey I've tried almost every product...sometimes twice. Its been a learning experience. But I think I've gotten my routine down.

The goal of my first 3 steps is to make sure my hair is free of product but also moisturized. This is also the place there I make sure my hair forms individual waves or ringlets (ie clumps).

The last step is designed to set my curls and eliminate frizz

Step 1: Pre-Poo
Option 1a: Cheep Conditioner Mixed with Oil
Pre-pooing has been key to my process. I pre-poo with any thick cheap conditioner (Kirkland Moisture Conditioner) and avocado oil. I mix about 3 parts conditioner to 1 part Avocado oil. I part my hair in four sections and apply to each section with my fingers only. I rake and rake until my hair is smooth. Combs, Denmans, etc. only make my hair puffy when I dries so I only use my fingers. Some spots take longer than others. The first time I did it it took a bit longer than it does now. This really helped my hair clump and my curls form nicely. This started working for me after months of weekly deep conditioning treatments. At the beginning of my journey my hair just went flat from years of flat ironing.

Option 1b: Deep Conditioner
In the winter months my hair gets really dry. I also get dryness when I try other styling products (aka I'm a product junkie and I'm always trying new things). That can mess up my hair sooo... I follow step 1 above and rinse and/or add a deep conditioner to my hair. I Cover my hair with a shower cap and sit under the dryer. I got one of those inflatable dryers that go over your hand held dryer. I set it on low with medium heat and watch a TV show or 2 then I rinse it out and skip to step 3. Or If my scalp seems greasy i move to step 2.

Option 1c: No Pre-Poo
In the summer months my hair feels more moisturized its a lot easier to detangle, so I don't need to pre-poo.

Step 2: Co-wash

Option 2a: Rinse out Pre-Poo
After I rinse out my pre-poo and depending on time I may co-wash with a good conditioner (One conditioner (the WEN knock off from Sally's or Rose Hair Wash from the Indian Grocery Store). I co wash my scalp only and rinse it out. I try not to disturb my clumped curls by smoothing my hands over large sections of hair with out raking through my hair.

Option 2b: Co-wash
I wet my hair and use trader joes Nurish Spa conditioner as a co-wash. I love this stuff it even foams up so I feel like my hair is being washed. I loved when my hair would suds up with shampoo...but it always left my hair dry. This gives me that feeling but with out the drying effect.

Step 3: Condition
Sometimes I put in a little conditioner...particularly if I co-wash. I like anything with a lot of slip (Tressame Smooth and Sliky, Kirkland Moisture Conditioner, Geovanni Deep Hydrating Conditioner, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted) This really helps my hair clump.

Step 4: Style
This is the tricky part for me...its kind of an art and a science. I leave my hair fairly damp when I section in to for sections to apply my products.

Here are some combos that work for me:

WASH and GO Options
So far my wash and gos only last for 2-3 days, until I need to start over again.

4a: Wash and Go #1
- I add a buttery moisturizer: coco curls
- Add a leave in conditioner: mixed silk leave in
- Add a gel: argan oil eco styler or KCCC
- Let air dry

4b: Wash and Go #2
- On days that I deep condition I leave the deep conditioner in and let it air dry. I help it dry with a blow dryer and a defuser. This has really worked well with Moroccan Oil Deep Hydrating Conditioner and Aragan Oil Hydrating Hair Massage by Every Stand.

4b: Wash and Go #3
- - Add a leave in conditioner: Herbal Essences Totally Twisted and/or Giovanni Deep Hydrating Conditioner
- Seal with oil: Coconut Oil , Avocado Oil and Black Caster Oil
- Let air dry

Leave my hair shinny and soft. Curls are defined. Curls shrink but that's ok. Need to defuse because some of my ends go straight when I hit them with dryer they at least curve a little.

4b: Wash and Go #4
- Add a leave in conditioner: Herbal Essences Totally Twisted
- Seal with oil: Coconut Oil
- Add Hold: African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave-In Conditioner (this works like a gel for me.)
- Let air dry

Combo #1 for a Twist Out
- I add a buttery moisturizer: double butter cream (as I am)
- Add a gel: Twist Out Defining Cream (as I am)
Then do a twist out and curl the ends with small rollers
Sit under the dryer for 10-20 min
Take the curlers out
Cover my head with a silk cap
Untwist and fluff in the morning.
I get really shiny waves that last a few days if I re-twist each night.

Combo #2 for a Twist Out
- Co-wash with Kirkland's Moisturizing Conditioner or Trader Joes Nourish Spa Conditioner.
- Leave in Conditioner Tresemme Split Remedy Leave In Conditioning Treatment
- Then do a twist out and curl the ends with small rollers
- Let air dry or sit under dryer for 10 min
- Cover my head with a silk cap
- Untwist and fluff in the morning.
I get really shiny waves that last a few days if I re-twist each night.

So far this will last me 5 days (2 to 3 days of curly hair and 2 days of curly buns) until I need to start over again.
3b to 4a?

My Routine
Pre-Poo:Conditioner & Avocado Oil or Jamaican Black Caster Oil or Coconut Oil
Co-wash - One Hair for Dry Hair
Moisturize - Coco curls or beija flore creme brulee
Leave In - Shea Moisture Enhancing Smoothie
Gel - Kinky Curly Custard, Deva Spray Gel
Seal ends - Castor Oil

Weekly Routine:
Deep Conditioner - Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioner or Caster Oil & Coconut Oil

Last Relaxer May 2006

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