Going CG - Help!

Hey everyone!

I’ve just recently learned about the CG method and seen all the lovely before and after pics. I generally seem to hover between a 2C and a 3B – soooooometimes with a bit of 3A depending on my hairs mood. However it seems that, while the front and sides of my hair go curly.. the back of my head is content to stay at a 2A or B most of the time. So I am hoping the CG method will help with that.

I’m looking into starting CG in the new year (so I have time to get all the products in order). But I am finding myself a bit overwhelmed by all the information and am hoping some folks with more experience can point the way to some products.

My big concern with switching over is that I have had dandruff issues in the past. Mostly due to scalp being super itchy. I currently use Head and Shoulders, and find that it takes that away.

As near as I can tell:

• I have high porosity
• Medium texture
• I live in Vancouver, even now in the winter the dew point is at 3 degrees Celcius (37.5 to you American Curlies).
• Medium to high density
• Currently my hair is just about chin length, though I am starting to grow it back out again.

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