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Darcy's Botanicals Customer Service!

I made my first online order for a Black Friday sale to DB. I had emailed her to ask if the Daily Vanilla Leave-in that I ordered was comparable to the Daily Cleansing Cream (which can also be used as a leave-in) that I love and about the slip and such. Very excited to try it :) She got back to me quickly and was super nice and helpful!

Well, I got the package today, and it had the 16 oz. Pumpkin Conditioner and 16. oz Daily Leave-in I ordered.....and a 16 oz. Daily Cleansing Cream! I didn't even pay for it or order it. Also, it had a free sample of the Cocoa Bean Cream! What a lovely surprise :) If I'd known she was going to at the Cleansing Cream, I would have gladly paid for it. I'm going to call tomorrow and thank her and also ask how I can pay for the extra product.

Also, I was a little worried because the package hadn't arrived yet, but then I saw on her website that it said it would come between 1-2 weeks, and that is exactly when it arrived--not late at all!

Anyway, I can't say enough about how nice the people of DB are!
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  • dianemary126dianemary126 Posts: 184Registered Users
    wow that is so awesome!!! :icon_smile:

    customer service and the little things like that really make a difference. it shows just how much the brand cares about their customers.

    please let us know how u like everything
    2c/3a..fine/regular texture..normal porosity..low elasticity..high density..cherub curls

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    last cut/trim: 4.7.15

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  • cocodejcocodej Posts: 1,182Registered Users
    If I had to pick one indie brand that I would always purchase from, it would definitely be Darcy's Botanicals. She goes above and beyond. I hope she will attend the world Natural Hair Show this spring.
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  • crazywavescrazywaves Posts: 582Registered Users
    I cant wait to get my black Friday order. Good customer service brings customers back. I think thats why she sent you the product to try. She wants your repeat business.

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