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nmartin99nmartin99 Registered Users Posts: 2
I'm not sure that I'm on the right forum, but I just bleached my hair yesterday and I made a huge mistake, this is the third time this week. I wanted to use a certain color blue and I have naturally black hair. After bleaching, my hair the lady time, I applied the blue and it looks great! Unfortunately now it's breaking like crazy and feeling really rough. I tried to sleep with conditioner in my hair last night After I bleached and colored. It helped a little, but what can I do to fix this. I know I made a huge mistake, now I need to fix it.



  • ColtColt Registered Users Posts: 4
    No say mistake its experience. I think you will gain a lot of Knowledge about last experience and in my thinking color of black hair is too good for your personality.
    wish you best of luck...
  • Amethyst_KissesAmethyst_Kisses Registered Users Posts: 67
    I just bleached mine and I did a protein treatment and it helped tremendously and keep it moisturized often
  • letta510letta510 Registered Users Posts: 60
    Find the right protein treatment, you may also need a trim. Split ends can cause a lot of breakage

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