Losing my curls after growing out?

I used to have chin-length hair that was around 2b/2c, and I decided last year to grow out :)

At first, it was great! As it started getting towards the bottom of my neck, about 5/6 months into growing it out, I was getting awesome 2c/3a curls with root curl! I loved it.

Now, though, my roots are straight, and my curls are back to maybe 2b/2c that it's past my shoulders. I have to wear a headband just so it looks like it has some volume, and it helps some curl show up. If I don't wear one, it looks flat and triangular. I was thinking of getting a haircut, but I really want long hair because this is the longest I've gotten it, and I love the length.

Here are some pictures. The first one is what it was a few months ago. The second set is now. Oh, the loss of curl can't be dye because though my hair looks redder in the recent photo, (which was taken a few days ago) that's just henna :)

Does anyone have any advice? It's hard to pick between curls and length...wish I could just keep both, haha. Thank you so much!
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    Long layers works for many of us to keep that triangle look at bay. It's a great way to keep length and volume. I also use jaw clips at the roots while it's drying to give lift.
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    Two things are probably involved depending on where you live--weight of hair pulling out the curl and lower dewpoints because it's that time of the year (heat on in the house also works against the curls.)

    A good haircut might help. You can have longer layers to "lighten" things up. The other thing is to add more moisture to counteract the dryer air.
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    Had your problem. A few years ago my hair was uniformly long and I was disappointed that my hair went from very curly/spirally 3b/c hair to 3a/3b waves and curls. So I had it cut with a bunch of short layers starting from around the crown and kept some of the length in back. Much better!

    Just fyi: henna has been known to relax curl patterns for quite a few people, especially repeated henna treatments.
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    Wavy hair tends to lose its curl as it grows due to the weight of the hair. However, you may find that if you let it grow to BSL+, you get some spirals and such. Wavy hair does interesting things at long lengths.

    Henna can also loosen your curls.


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