Knot Today, Curl Keeper and Re:Coil


I have just bought the above products. I have 2b/2c hair but my hair is not very thick. Would it be too heavy if it used Knot Today as a leave in conditioner followed by Curl Keeper and Re:Coil?

Also, if my hair is quite crunchy after applying Curl Keeper (although it could be the Re:Coil - not sure) does that mean I should be using less?

How much Re:Coil should be used for best results?

Thanks :)


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    I've never used any of these products, but this thread might help with your re:coil question

    And here's a recent one on CK
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    My hair is pretty thick -- 3a -- but fine, and I've done the combo of Knot Today, Curl Keeper and ReCoil with no issues.

    I tend to use ReCoil more in the winter months (right now it is a staple for me!) and I actually get terrific results just using ReCoil and then LA Looks Sport Gel over it -- I ran out of Curl Keeper so I tried it without...and I love it!

    My hair is shorter right now, just grazing my shoulders, and I use about a chickpea-size blob of ReCoil. I put it in my hand, rub my palms together until I get a thick white 'paste', then I slick it over my (dripping wet) hair and rake/comb it in (with a wide-tooth comb). If I'm feeling feisty, I sometimes flip my hair over and add a little more. :)

    After I do this, I flip my hair and scrunch it to get out excess water (this is in the shower) and then I just wrap/turban my hair with a flour sack towel.

    After I'm dried off and dressed, I take off the towel, rake/scrunch in my gel, add clips to my crown and air-dry for about an hour, then diffuse to finish the drying process.

    ReCoil plays very nicely with Knot Today, in my experience. :) It is a lighter leave-in for me -- I usually go a little heavier in the winter -- but it was nearly 70 degrees here in Illinois yesterday so I used Knot Today with my ReCoil/LALSG combo and it was awesome!
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    I used less product this time and still got a lot of crunch. Do you think it is the Curl Keeper or Re:Coil that would cause this?
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    most likely the re:coil
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    I feel like that's alot of product, especially because recoil felt tacky in my hair. But if it's working for you, then go with it!
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    I plan to buy Paul Mitchell Wax Works n Super Sculpt gels to use for straightening my hair. I have been using Herbal Essences Curl Scrunching Gel n Aussie Aussome Volume Gel n MarShall's Sparkly Gel. Right now I use Aussie Aussome Volume Gel on the top n Herbal Essences Curl Scrunching Gel on the bottom layers of my straightened hair

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    I used to avoid gels because of the crunch. But now I just wait until the gel is dry, then flilp my head over and scrunch my hair to get out the crunch, it makes a huge difference. The curls become all nice and touchable. I use ReCoil, and the loreal ever clear gel.
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    Cimbom wrote: »
    I used less product this time and still got a lot of crunch. Do you think it is the Curl Keeper or Re:Coil that would cause this?

    Take out one product at a time to see. It could also be the curl keeper because it does have some hold product in it.

    Try curl keeper and kinky curly together; KC and RC together; RC and CK... Process of elimination.
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    I rake Curl Keeper in soaking wet hair and then take about a pea size of Re:coil and rub it in my palms as wendi says. I rake it through my hair. Then I diffuse and scrunch the crunch when hair is dry. Excellent results in colder weather...not the same in the summer...