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I know some of you ladies ordered on BF or maybe even earlier. Spill the beans!

Some of the ingredients are catching my eye, especially those in the Chai Latte Hair Smoothie and Butter Rich Curl Defining Cream. Thoughts?

Ohh and the Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Shampoo...
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    3c/4a Very high porosity, fine, thin hair
  • naturalyogininaturalyogini Posts: 430Registered Users
    OK. Got my products yesterday.

    Rhassoul clay shampoo bar. My hair didn't like this. But I understand that some times it takes a while for hair to adjust to shampoo bars. So I'll give it a neutral for right now.

    Coco deep conditioner. Has nice slip. Goes on smooth. But when I rinsed it out my hair was hard and not moisturized. I'll try again after clarifying my hair.

    Detangling cream. This was probably the most disappointing product. It has absolutely NO SLIP and barely detangles. It does however impart some moisture, but not enough for me.

    So none of these products will be a repurchase. They are usable but they don't wow me, at all.
    3c/4a Very high porosity, fine, thin hair

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