cake pops?

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I want to make something for about 30 preschoolers and thought cake pops might be fun. They don't look too hard from the various sites I've checked but the reality might be quite different. Anyone tried to make them and can give a rookie some guidance?


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    I saw cake pop molds/trays somewhere. I'd use those. Maybe I saw them at Michael's or AC Moore.
    montage-3.gif No MAS.

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    I think cake pops are great for kids' parties - less mess than cupcakes and less sugar (it's like two bites of cake instead of a whole cupcake) and usually send them in for birthdays and parties.

    I had to do a failed batch to figure them out. Learn from my mistakes:

    Buy blocks of foam and cover them with plastic wrap. Pre-poke holes for your cake pops. Trying to shove the stick into the foam after you have a cake pop on it just results in splat. Covering them in plastic wrap means you can use the foam over and over.

    Don't skimp on the refrigeration. Bake your cake, LET COOL. Break it up in the mixer with your icing. Back in the fridge. Make balls, place on cookie sheets, back in the fridge. Melt your chocolate (or almond bark or whatever you're using) and take out a small batch of pops. Dip the stick in the chocolate and stick that end in your cake pop. Back in the fridge while you do the rest. Refrigerate them all for a while and then take them out to dunk in batches.

    At this point, I let them cool on the counter. If you put them back in the fridge before the candy covering or chocolate hardens, you may end up with "sweating" which isn't pretty. If you want to do sprinkles, sprinkle them on the cake pops, don't dip the pops into the sprinkles.

    Oh, and they're not kidding about tapping the hand that's holding the cake pop (while kind of twirling the thing) if you have excess chocolate. Tapping the stick just results in what we call in my family, a jumper (when they jump off the stick and into the chocolate and are ruined, thus edible at that very moment. Jumpers cause mixed emotions).

    Watch a million youtube videos.

    It's really NOT HARD but there are a million ways to do it wrong and lots of tips to make things easier. Also it takes eleventy billion times longer than you expect.
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    I have the cake pop molds and baking trays. They suck. They make lopsided uneven cakes and they're so soft that it's hard to keep them on the stick to dunk them. Do not be fooled.

    See? If there is a short cut, I've tried it!
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    I saw molds and bakers. Unless I'm going to do them regularly, hand rolling seems just as logical.

    Thanks C! Great tips, especially YouTube cause that was one place I hadn't gone.