Kccc, cj, cd, deva, oyin, natty

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All prices include shipping...:toothy4:

8oz Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter x2 Both brand new. 13.00 each

12oz ATON Natty Moist (new formula) (warm black coconut) Only a couple pumps used. 13.00-SOLD

8oz CJ Curl Rehab (Strawberry Ice cream) 75%. 13.00--SOLD

12oz CJ Curls in a Bottle, 80%.14.00

8oz Oyin Suger Berry Pomade 85-90%. 15.00--SOLD

16oz KCCC Brand new, sealed. 22.00--SOLD

16oz Devacurl Heavan in Hair DC, brand new sealed 22.00--SOLD

12oz Devacurl Angel 50%. 10.00

8oz Mizani True Textures Moisture Stretch cream 90%. 13.00

Will consider swaps for Qhemet Olive and Honey Hydrating balm, Coco Curls Moisturizer, an ebonnet or equivalent. :glasses3:

For a faster response, please email me at :blob4:

(All products except the CIAB, I purchased from the company or the from Curlmart)

Thanks for looking..:thumbleft:


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    Emailed you
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    I replied. Thx