Need some Aussie advice

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I'm heading back to Oz soon and was wondering if anyone has advice on products to get while over there. I have thick, coarse & prob 3c hair.

I'll be on the east coast which is already really hot and can get quite humid.

Last time I went, I took 2 big bottles of tresemme naturals condish (which I found out is already sold out there) and olive oil Eco styler gel.

The gel didn't really work in the hot & humid weather. Im thinking I'll bing some clear Eco as it has a stronger hold.

Any suggestions???


  • fonkifonki Posts: 353Registered Users
    I just remember Clairol 3-in-1 mousse is great for hot & humid weather. Does anyone know if we can get Clairol 3-in-1 in Aust?
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    Bump - any Aussie curlies out there? 😱😱😱