Edible face masks

I made a mask from honey, oatmeal, and mashed banana. My face is smooth and soft and the mask was tasty too! :)

Got any recipes?


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    Food clogs my pores. I try to keep it off my face.
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    No recipes but manuka honey 15+ is love as a hydrating mask or overnight spot treatment to speed up acne healing or avoid scarring:)
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    I love a honey face mask. Sometimes I add cinnamon to the honey for a nice tingle.

    I use a carrot mask. I do not make it, I order it, and I also do not eat it BUT it is wonderful. It can be applied on the eyes with no problem.

    Bonus: it smells like carrot cake.
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    I did an Aloe Vera Juice and Oat mask last night. You're supposed to leave it on for 20 minutes, but I only did 5 and my face felt so moisturized and refreshed!