Help me identify my hair type please

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Hello all,
I was on these boards YEARS ago when I had a perm but have since grown it out. I have had slightly wavy hair that when I put in no product and let air dry will be a bit poufy and wavy. I usually blow dry my hair and get it fairly straight with a little poufyness unless I flat iron. Well I found the CG method (I think that is the one) where you put in product on soaking wet hair then plop in a tshirt. Well I was AMAZED at how wavy/curly my hair is. Like SERIOUSLY amazed! So I did the method this morning and took a pic and wanted to get your expert advice of what type I am. I have an idea but could be off. I don't know if you'll be able to see in the pic but there are a few ringlets (WHOA!) but most are S curves.


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    Welcome! I'd say you're a 2c. Have you checked the Texture Types info to learn more?

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    Interesting, I posted to the FB page and was told I was a 2B. I had a feeling I was a 2B with some 2C in there since I DO have some spirals but mainly S curve. Thank you. Now if I can find some cheap products to emphasize the curls I'll be happy. :toothy9:

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