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Hey y'all. I need help with the order in which I apply products. Here is what I'm using, and together they make my curls pretty nice looking and feeling, but I'm struggling with order. Here's what I'm doing, in the current order. Please critique or offer suggestions. I'm open to learning a better way.

Pre-poo with coconut oil or argan oil left on overnight.
DevaCurl no poo (no issues with dirty feel or look, I think I'm doing it right.)
DevaCurl one condition, leave on while I finish showering
Rinse gently, but thoroughly. Sometimes rinse upside down too.
Apply one condition lightly as leave in and scrunch in upside down.
Throw on robe - do not touch hair or dry or wring out.
Scrunch in Curl Keeper generously, upside down
Scrunch in light-medium amount of DevaCurl StylingCream
Stand upright and finger curl any wonky parts as well as the straight section in front, put duckbill clips to hold finger curls while drying.
Lightly coat top and underneath with DevaCurl Spray Gel
Plop 10 min
If really cold outside, dry under hood dryer up to 40-45 min
Otherwise air dry
After hair is completely dry, Scrunch out crunch with small amt of DevaCurl Set It Free

Ideas? Thoughts? Do I need to change the order of the CK and or cream?

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