Hello, i'm new and thinking of trying to go natural

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Hello all, I found this site today and it's given me the inspiration to comit 100% to going natural. I've only just started the process of going natural this last couple of days but had a bit of a woble this morning and nearly go my straighteners out!. i am a type 2A. I'm doing CO washing using kerastase anti ciment usure as due to near enough daily blowdrying and straightening and colouring my hair every couple of months, my hair is damaged, frizzy and suffering! Will this conditioner be ok or is there something else i should try? Any advise would be welcome as i've straightened my hair for as long as i can remember. Also, can i use serum to tame the frizz? i usually use kerastase oleo relax serum.


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    I know exactly how you feel. My best recommendation. Go get it cut. I had been straightening my hair for several years and just recently went curly. My hair is short, short, short, now but it will grow back. My hair stylist told me "Do not straighten your hair anymore". I said okay, and I haven't, each day it gets curlier and curlier. You will be happy once you get that dead hair off and he or she can probably recommend a conditioner treatment that is best for your hair damage. My hair is short and I thought I was going to hate it, but I love it! Hope that helps a little.
    Hair type: 3A/3B Short, Use KPAK Shampoo & Conditioner...Also use finger diffuser.

    Love, Kelly
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    Welcome nickih6221!

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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