what to do with wavy hair? products help

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hi, i'm new to going naturally curly, and i've figured out my hair is around 2a or 2b (can't tell because it's so damaged). I've been using aussie shampoo for normal hair - just checked and it's full to the brim with sodium laureth sulfate. my scalp HATES this chemical as i have found out, gets super greasy only the next day after washing it.

I know i want to go natural, i am just so swamped by all of the products and advice on this site! for someone with waist-length, very porous- damaged and fizzy, quite thick hair with some coarse, some quite fine strands what products should i be using?! a nice list would be super helpful and brilliant :love3: i'm dying here with my nasty frizzy dry hair, sometimes i just want to chop it all off :(

for a while now i've been using an egg yolk shampoo with honey and lemon, which my scalp has preferred, but it's annoying to make and use, plus it's been drying out the lengths of my hair terribly.
the thing is too that i live in london, a hard water area and have no way of changing it to soft atm, will these products work for me?


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    Hello! Learning what is right for your hair is just a "Trial and Error" process that could takes months (years, never?) to figure out. I started going CG in July of this year and I am still learning what my hair does and doesn't like.

    I have BSL+ hair that has fine, medium AND coarse strands. I have medium to high density depending on whom you ask and I've only put one chemical process through it (Feria).

    Be ready to be inundated with a LONG list of what I do for me hair.

    This is what works FOR ME. (YMMV = your mileage may vary):

    I clarify when my hair feels gunky, dry, fluffy, in need of a reset, etc. with Suave Daily Clarifying shampoo. I only use a quarter-sized blob. It's about 1" diameter. This happens every other week or so.

    I condition-wash with 3 different conditioners depending on what my hair needs. I routinely use Tresseme Radiant Volume conditioner. V05 Vanilla Mint Tea conditioner is EXCELLENT if you have hard water. I also have Suave Natural's Tropical Coconut when I need an extra dose of protein.

    In the event that I want to actually use a low poo (shampoo w/o sulfates or cones), I use Shea Moisture Moisture Retention shampoo or Organix Moroccan Argan Oil (heavenly scent) shampoos. I use the same amount as the clarifying shampoo and I skip conditioner-washing if I shampoo.

    For rinse-out conditioner, I have an arsenal available for what the weather is like. In high dews, I gravitate towards GVP's (Sally Beauty Supply) Conditioning Balm. It's a knock-off of Biolage's Conditioning Balm. In these lower dew points, I've been alternating between Regis Salon's DesignLine Olive Oil conditioner and L'Oreal's EverCreme Intense moisturizing conditioner. EverCreme has mineral oil in it, which causes some people with problems.

    Once out of the shower, I scrunch in either FSG (homemade flax seed gel) or KCCC (Kinky Curly Curling Custard), AG:ReCoil curl activator cream and plop (plunk) for 10 - 15 minutes. Then I undo the plop, apply a stronger hold gel, either BRHG (BioSilk Rock Hard Gelee) or HESMU (Herbal Essences Set me Up) and then plop again for 20 minutes.

    Afterwards, I use a bowl-diffuser and use the pixiecurl method for diffusing. If I don't diffuse, I don't have waves that set. I diffuse dry for about 20 minutes (hair is 80% dry) just to set the gel cast and then I air-dry. Once it is COMPLETELY dry, I SOTC (scrunch out the crunch) using a few drops of coconut oil.

    When my hair needs some extra TLC, I use Neutral Protein Filler for a protein treatment and coconut oil for a deep treatment (added moisture).

    Don't be overwhelmed!! This may seem like a lot, but once you have a routine, it doesn't take as long as it seems from reading all of this. Learning to take care of my newly-discovered waves has been an experience, but completely worth it! Hope this helps!!

    ETA: For hard water, you may find that rinsing your hair with diluted ACV (apple cider vinegar) will help. I use 1/8 cup in 1 quart of distilled water. White vinegar or citric acid will also help get your hair's pH in balance as well.
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    try these links :) method has as much to do with frizz as product, I do find...and there are an abundance of helpful tips, techniques, etc. on these links. The last link I put in there, is for determining your hair type - that will also help. Other than that, as above poster said, it can take forever to find out - you have to experiment, and be daring, and try new techniques and products, till you find what your hair likes...there are certain products that can cause more problems than others, such as sodium laurel sulfates, glycerin, mineral oil, wax or paraffin, too much or too little proteins, and etc. Really, only you can determine that through experimentation... good luck! :D an welcome :) I also have several types of hair and curl patterns, and it is a real struggle to figure it out...but as you go ahead, you will find products that do work, and those that don't. Process of elimination,like ;)

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    When I started out a year ago, I was pretty overwhelmed. I decided to just stick with DevaCare Low-Poo and use it only on my scalp per the Curly Girl Handbook, DevaCare One Condition on the length of my hair, and Deva's Arc Angel gel. That was it... just until my hair got really moisturized and I had gotten used to all the lingo on these forums and felt I had a better understanding of what different products do. When you're just starting out, simple is sometimes better. It was about 5 months before I started experimenting with other products.

    I live in the US, in the midwest, and it's all hard water. I've got a lot of hair, some it is fine and some is medium. Now my normal routine is still using the low poo and one condition, but for products I use Regis Olive Oil leave in (found at Regis salons and Walmart salons) to help seal my hair and keep moisture in during the dry winter weather, AG Re:Coil curl activating cream, and Aussie Instant Freeze gel. Once the humid summer weather hits, I'll leave off the leave in and switch to using As I Am Curling Jelly in lieu of the Aussie Instant Freeze.
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    wow you wrote a lot! -lots of really helpful stuff though :) i think i'm getting it now, reading through your and other people's hair routines has given me an idea of what I should be doing.
    i think im going to have to trim my hair quite a bit, just to start fresh and make my hair lighter to begin going (hopefully!) really curly :D
    thank you - and the other people who replied for all your help, this is such a nice site <3