Curly Kinks Love!!!

akilamoniqueakilamonique Registered Users Posts: 302
I bought a 16 oz bottle of the Satin Roots and an 80z Coil Jam. Let me just say I LOVE this stuff!!!! My curls have NEVER looked this good! Not to mention it is so soft!
Awesomeness in a bottle!
ACV Rinse 2-3 times a week
Nature's Gate Biotin Conditioner
Curly Kinks: Satin Root, Coil Jam
Castor oil on scalp


  • ricotdorothyricotdorothy Registered Users Posts: 436
    Keeping an eye on this thread. I've been wondering about Curly Kinks.:blob4:

    You never stop learning... :color:
  • akilamoniqueakilamonique Registered Users Posts: 302
    It keeps getting compared to KCCC and KCKT. Both of which I used. I really didn't love the KCCC, I did however LOVE the KCKT. To me the CK products seem less heavy and maybe thinner(the Satin Roots def. is thinner), but the thing is BOTH of the CK products have slip and I was able to use way less even though I have a TON of super thick hair. I think because it was slippery. I also noticed that my hair didn't have to be dripping wet(even though I think the directions say dripping hair.) when I applied it(I hate that!)
    Anyway, she has a sample kit now. I think it was $23, I also think she has a black friday sale that is ending today.
    ACV Rinse 2-3 times a week
    Nature's Gate Biotin Conditioner
    Curly Kinks: Satin Root, Coil Jam
    Castor oil on scalp
  • ycats0273ycats0273 Registered Users Posts: 3
    I love this line as well. I won a sample bag that included the CK Curly Renew DC. It was heaven in a jar
  • ycats0273ycats0273 Registered Users Posts: 3
    I ventured out and tried the Coil Jam. I had body, movement, and could easily obtain 2nd day hair but most importantly, I didn't have helmet hair like KCCC. I am patiently waiting on my Black Friday Haul. Will keep you all posted.
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    Coil Jam is the best styler I've tried in my nearly 3 years of being natural. I use it for wash & go's, finger coils, roller sets, twists, braids, ponytails and buns and get BOMB result each and every time. I've NEVER had a bad hair day using that product. I am a frugal natural and like to purchase ALL of my products on the ground. Coil Jam is the ONLY item I purchase online and pay shipping for without issue. The good thing that I've discovered is that I can find it locally here in Atlanta if I run low which I try not to. I prefer to buy directly from Monique because she has great sales and ALWAYS puts an extra little something in your shipment whether it be a sample product or a discount code or scratch off card. She's the best! and I will continue to support her because this woman has got the gift of making bomb hair product recipes and awesome customer service etiquette.


  • lashon20lashon20 Registered Users Posts: 1,150
    Yeah I love her Coil Jam and Satin Roots leave-in.

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