Used my dad's shampoo

While staying with my dad for Thanksgiving this weekend, I realized I didn't bring my shampoo for clarify day on Saturday. He had a bottle of Head & Shoulders in the shower, so I looked at the ingredients - a couple sulfates & dimethicone were in there - but no protein. I figured what the heck - the sulfates will clarify and my hair will be nice and fluffy for when DF go out in my hometown that night.

So later that night I let my hair out of the damp pony I dry it in when I want to wear it down. It felt soft and smooth, so I figured, oh good, the shampoo worked fine. I didn't have a mirror but hey, I know a good hair day when I feel one.

So there I am, struttin with my awesome hair, feelin hot, when I need to go to the ladies room.

To my utter horror and bemusement, my hair looked like a greasy, stringy mess that hasn't been washed in weeks! Flat to my head with no body at all. I looked like a dirty hippie. Nasty hair with really good eye makeup - I looked like a total dumbass. :/

I guess the dimethicone coated my hair with a vengeance, plus I had evoo, condish and extra coconut oil in there because I thought it would be dry. It was so gross looking & I was so embarrassed & pissed - why didn't someone tell me???

Lol - I guess that's what I get for using dimethicone! Now I know that dimethicone totally trumps the effects of sulfates!

Lisa you dumbass! :doh:
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    Very interesting, one time I used Head and Shoulders by mistake, not realizing that it had dimethicone. I had NO idea they put 'cones in shampoo. I just wanted to clarify after a beach day. I had an amazing hair day after that but still not sure if it was the 'cone or the salt water.
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