strange hair: 2b and 3b

Hi I'm new here and I have a few questions. My first one is that I have a bit of a hair problem. My hair is 3b, but only on the bottom. The top is more 2bish, but that is really only when I wear my hair down which is rarely. Most of the time it's in a ponytail. I follow the curly girl method, but I don't use styling products. So my questions is: when I wear my hair down, why is like this and how do I get it to be 3b throughout? My other question is: how do I get those extra lines at the end of your message or reply where you can put extra info.


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    Do you mean your signature? Go to Quick Links (located in the top right corner on of the blue menu bar) and then go to Edit Signature.

    About the hair, I understand what you mean. I have 2c/3a on the bottom, but my hair is straight towards my roots. I don't know if this is helpful, but I wear headbands almost every day. They keep my hair out of my face, but they also happen to make my hair look curlier throughout. It gives me volume, too, so I don't have it flat on top.

    I would recommend also trying some styling products, though. A mousse might be great to get volume and curl enhancement towards your roots because it's light and won't weight your hair down. :)
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