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I totally debated where to put this, finally figured "Pregnancy & Parenting" was the best stop.

After all the reading I've done here, I realized that both my daughters' straight hair had become totally unbalanced and in desperate need of either protein, clarifying, or both. I spent today cycling them both in and out of the tub, clarifying, PTing, DCing, and then for good measure a LI. The change in their hair texture is amazing! They're both golden blonde and were so brittle feeling that it really felt like I was holding straw. The difference now is amazing. They're soft and my daughter who had always had coarser hair but had started to feel very fine has depth in her hair again. The other one doesn't look like a complete mess 2 seconds after combing. So thank you everyone for teaching me so much so quickly that my little straight haired girls have their own beautiful hair back too! I'm totally contemplating having them trying my Shea Moisture Smoothie just for a protein leave in now :D
2a/b, low-po, medium/medium, HIGH elasticity, 4" past BSL

Co-wash & LI: Suave Naturals Waterfall Mist
Curl Cream: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Styling: FSG

Hunting for the perfect clumping.

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