My hair wont grow when it just keeps breaking!

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hello all. i am new to the site and im hoping (wishing) that i can get some help with my prob. i have been natural since winter of 05 and my hair in the back WILL NOT GROW. my head has 3 types of curl ranging from what i believe to be 3c to ranges of 4. wavy/loose ringlets on the top and sides. tight springy ringlets in the bottem back near my neck, and the back of my head...i get regular cuts to try and even it all out but it doesnt work. my whole head has hair about 7 inches long. in the back it's 3'' tops.ive tried waering nylon/silk rags on my head so that i wasnt rubbing against cotton all night while i slept but i invaribally tear it off in my sleep. i have cut out nearly all hair products with glycerin and the like in it and it still wont grow. any suggestions? ----i realize that braiding or something like that might work but my hands are gimpy due to a ms relapse and so that is out of the question at the moment.


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    Have you looked into a satin pillowcase? That would be more gentle than a cotton one and might be more difficult to knock off the bed than a headwrap. What's your current routine, have you thought of trying out CO washes? Oiling? Could someone braid it for you to protect it during the day?

    Hope you find something that works.
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    Blazing, I was having a similar problem. I have patches of hair that are a different texture than the rest of my hair. Actually, it's damaged and takes forever to grow, but since I changed my diet, drank more water and got more sleep, my hair has started growing again. And my hair is started to grow in with my natural texture, instead of the damaged texture. If you use good hair products and handle your hair gently, then this last step should help. Also, the satin pillowcase is also a good idea. As far as diets go, eat regularly and eat more lean protein and limit refine grains and sugar and caffeine.
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    I was wondering if you experience any itching or if you have allergies to household things like dust, mold, etc. I suffer with allergies that cause me to seasonally loose mass amounts of hair. Just wondering -- its worth checking out.

    If you're getting hair cuts do you think that your hair is not growing or do you think you are just not retaining length? I ask because I've learned that my hair grows normally but I loose it either through allergies (at which point it breaks at the scalp), or improper hair care that ultimately causes breakage (this is my ends crumbling and breaking).

    If you are doing everything you know to do you may want to consult with a dermatologist.

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    The other ladies have given you great advice.

    I have only one thing to add - have you tried putting ponytails in your hair at night? I know that you said you're unable to braid your hair, so maybe ponytails would be easy enough on your hands?

    I had a big problem with tangles in the back of my hair until I started putting my hair in 4 afro puffs for bed (under my satin bonnet).

    Hope this helps, and good luck! :)

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