Electric shavers

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I'm thinking about getting my teens each one for Christmas but I'm afraid they won't use them if they pull the hair out of their faces. They have that dark peach fuzz lip going on. Any thoughts?


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    I bought one a few weeks ago for my teen, and his facial hair was too soft for it to "grab," so he's going to try a regular razor with shaving cream today. The one I got was the cheapest they had, at $25, so maybe the more expensive ones would work better.
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    I wouldn't. They work best for hair that is shorter and coarser. Also, the ones that work the best have a pop-up clipper and are a little on the expensive side. I have a feeling that a teenage boy would rather have so many other $100 gifts instead of an electric shaver.
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    I give an electric razor to each of my boys as they hit puberty and need to start sharving. I get them the "foil" type, not rotary. I get mid-range ones...about $50-$75...and each boy has liked the closeness of the shave, and it's a quick/easy way to encourage frequent shaving. The rotary razors are for coarse hair, and they will pull long or soft hair instead of shaving it, so I avoid that type.