what cut to get

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I've been growing outmy hair for a long time and only recently was I able to get the courage to get trims and now I need to get an actual haircut and I don't know what to get and am kind of scared. I know I want to keep it long but its REALLY long right now and its a bit much and while I do try to take care of it Its a bit much.

I don't really know what type it is either so any help with that or ideas on what to imrove that aren't expensive or time consuming (I'll try those for if I ever get a date heh...). Mostly its just I don't know what hairstyle to get and google images is eh so even a place to look to get ideas would be good.

I would really apreciate help, this is so stressfull for me, and I guess irrational in my fear but its still there and scary to just get a haircut even if it can grow back...