Float test for measuring porosity

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Hi curlies,

I tought I would have high porosity hair, because my hair does very good on CJ repair me (lot's of protein in that one!), is totally dry in 3 hours (when I use a little help from my microfiber towel), lost is shine in the painted/bleached parts, it frizz very easy (I have to moisturize my hair at least once a day, and use a leave-in, oil and gel after co-washing) and I can't imagine how hair could not be highly porous with my history of washing with sulfates and bleaching every 4 weeks for 1.5 year.

Just for check, I did the floating test. I dropped a couple of clean (so, without leave-in/oil/gel) shedded strands in a bowl of water... But they didn't sink! I waited for at least 10 minutes, but they just floated. How can that be? Is my hair not porous???

thanks for your reaction!
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    Float test is notoriously unreliable. It's better to use the one where you slide your fingers from end to roots. If it goes right up (and possible squeaks), it's low porosity. If it has a lot of bumps, it's porous. In between is medium.
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