What is the best, non traditional gift you've received?

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When I still lived at home I had a pile of things that needed to go to a tailor for broken zippers or dry cleaning. They sat there for quite a while as I was working long hours 6 days a week. For Christmas, my Mom took all the things to get done then wrapped them up. It was probably the best gift ever. She essentially gave me the gift of time since I didn't have to run around trying to get everything fixed.


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    When my ex was serving in Afghanistan he was away for Christmas. On Christmas day at his families house we had opened all the presents and I was feeling gloomy that he was gone etc. His mom popped in a DVD and it was a video of him in the house wrapping gifts and telling me he loved me and wished he could be there and so on. He then took a small wrapped gift and walked to the linen closet and tucked something behind some beach towels and told me you're turn! and the video ended. I went to that spot and there was a diamond necklace all wrapped up with a bow :)
    So it wasn't the necklace that was non-traditional, it was the way I received it that was really special :)

    *too bad he turned out to be a cheating d*oche bag, but I digress ;)
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    Awww, Narnia...that made me cry! Then the last line made me laugh :lol:

    Not really non-traditional as my Grandmother gives a lot of her old stuff (do others do that??) away as gifts, but touching.

    My Grandparents were at my parents for Christmas. We were just talking about random stuff and my Grandfather asked if I missed working on the ship ever. Not really, but some things I missed out on I would like to go back and do. When we were in India, I looked everywhere for a brass set of the hear no evil/speak no evil/see no evil monkeys. My Great-Great-Grandmother was a missionary in India and had brought a set back and they have always sat on my Grandparents coffee table. I can remember playing with them from the time I was really little.

    So anyways, short story long, my Grandparents gave them to me for my birthday :)
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    I have a thing for clocks, and my dad had the coolest tabletop clock with a pendulum-like mechanism in it. He and my stepmother couldn't find any like it so gave me that one.

    Does anyone remember those M&Ms commercials with the little boys on a baseball field discussing what type of hit different colors represented? The greens were home runs (it was innocent.... became non-innocent later!). When my brother was in high school he wanted to hit his first home run sooooo badly, and for the entire first semester of the school year I bought M&Ms for myself and all my friends, saving the greens until I had a jar of them to give him for Hanukkah. He told me it was the best gift anyone had every given him because of how thoughtful it was.

    I'm super easy to buy for, so most of my gifts have been traditional because it's not hard for anyone to find. :)
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    I had a puppy German Shepherd who was a rescue and she was very tiny, and very ill, all of her short life. And I spent every day of her life trying to nurse her back to health. I took pictures of her every day, too - I think I knew, deep down, that she'd not live very long. She died of kidney failure at 7 months old. I was heartbroken, as I adored her - she was such a little character! It's taken me three years to be able to look at pics of her without crying.

    About a month after she died, a friend of mine came to my house with a tiny rescue German Shepherd pup, 7 weeks old, who looked identical to the one I had lost, and made it clear that I was taking the pup - she would not take no for an answer. I still have that dog, she is three now, and she looks (and acts) just like the pup I lost. It's almost like she reincarnated or something...I will forever be grateful both to my friend and to the dog, because they helped me over my deep grief and this day, my new pup brings me laughter and joy. :)
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    Airline tickets to go to the Mall of America. My husband set the whole trip up because I said once I would really like to see it.