how often do you wait between co-washes?

I'm back to trying CG again. I last co-washed on Saturday with White Rain Lavender and Vanilla. I've only been conditioning with [buylink=]Too Shea[/buylink] since then-I haven't co-washed again. I think my curls are getting more defined, and my scalp isn't oily at all-I have dry hair.

How long do you wait between co-washes? I'm afraid to "undo" the good results I've had so far.

Does anyone just put conditioner on most of their hair and only co-wash their scalp if their hair is on the dry side?



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    I cleanse my scalp with [buylink=]deva no poo[/buylink] once a week and then just use conditioner on my hair every other day. I use all deva products. Once a week is enough. I have dry, very curly hair.
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    Same as selfcurledgirl, I co-wash my scalp once a week and condition every day.
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    I co-wash every other day, on my scalp, then condition with a thicker condtion after and leave it on while I finish with the rest of my shower.
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    Thank you for your responses! I'm going to try only co-washing my scalp for a while. I think my hair gets "poofy" if I co-wash the whole length.

    Take care,
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    Sherry I have noticed on your post that you always say thanks, you are a very polite person and very well mannered, it is good to see that there are still nice people in this world.
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    Hi Sherry--
    I have very dry hair, and I COwash my hair only once per week. This seems to help a lot. Because of my new satin pillowcase, I am getting second, third, even fourth day hair. Go figure!
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