Frizzy girl going to TX

I'm travelling to Austin next week to visit a great friend, and I'm wondering what to expect for my hair. Last time I visited I wasn't doing CG and never took much care of my hair. This time round it's a different story. Here where I live it's currently cool and quite damp(Surrey, in UK). My hair is sensitive to moisture levels in the air, and as my user name suggests, frizz is my big issue. Any comments or advice please? I plan to pixie curl while I'm there, as this helps a lot with the frizz. I'm very naughty about playing around with my hair, which I know is a major cause of frizz :toothy7:

Any recommendations on products to buy while I'm visiting would be great too. I want to get AG Re:coil, as I was sent a sample and loved it. Products tend to be a lot cheaper Stateside, so I may go a bit mad shopping for hair stuff ;)
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