What do you have alarms/reminders set for

The New BlackThe New Black Posts: 16,738Registered Users
I have my 7a to wake up

A 10a to take my BC pill

And Im planning on setting alarms to remind me to pay my bills (yeah it's that bad)

What about you?
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  • StarmieStarmie Posts: 6,677Registered Users Curl Dabbler
    About a month ago I was going out for breakfast and had to set my alarm for 5.30. I can't remember the last time before that that I set an alarm for anything.
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  • jeepcurlygurljeepcurlygurl Posts: 19,238Registered Users Curl Dabbler
    I get up quickly in the morning, never use the snooze button, jump right out of bed, but I HAVE to set an alarm to wake up no matter how many hours I sleep. I just won't wake up without an alarm.
    The only other time I set an alarm is at work when I have an appointment to get to.
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  • FieryCurlsFieryCurls Posts: 2,904Registered Users
    My cell alarm is set for 8pm for my bcp. My cell calender set to give the animals their heartworm medicines. I will set my alarm if I have to get up and get ready before my kids get up, but they are my alarm on a normal day.

  • curlylauracurlylaura Posts: 8,352Registered Users
    6am to get up. Once a month on pay day to transfer money to pay my rent.

    That's it.
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  • luvmylocsluvmylocs Posts: 7,578Registered Users
    i have to set an alarm to get up. it varies throughout the week depending on how early i need to be up for work or classes at the gym.

    i'm about to set one to remind me to pray daily about something important to me.
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  • malafachamalafacha Posts: 301Registered Users
    I have to set up the alarm to wake up during the week, I have been known to sleep right through it though.
    I set reminders for basically every appointment, personal on my phone and business in my outlook calender.
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  • PerriPPerriP Posts: 6,613Registered Users
    To wake up during the work week and sometimes from naps, then several pill reminders during the day and week.

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  • irociroc Posts: 7,890Registered Users
    To wake up during the week, which I hit the snooze on about 7 times.

    Reminders for any weekly TV shows I watch.

    Any reminders for appointments I have made.

    And when I ovulate. Haha.

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  • murrrcatmurrrcat Posts: 9,596Registered Users
    I have about 25 alarms on my phone.

    none for medicine although thats a good idea.

    they're usually when to wake up...morning..or from naps. Or when to do homework so I dont' forget

    or to go to the post office

    those are my main alarm uses.

    Eta: I wake up naturally if I know i have school etc, my natural wake up when I know I need to wake up early is 7:45

    but I need alarms for insurance
  • EilonwyEilonwy Posts: 12,389Registered Users
    I use my computer to get little pop-up notifications about my schedule. Otherwise, I just use one to wake up.
  • fefe912fefe912 Posts: 570Registered Users
    5:15 a.m. work alarm and 7 a.m. birth control alarm :)
  • JosephineJosephine Posts: 14,175Registered Users
    7:45 weekdays for work
    2:30pm Friday for timesheet
  • spiderlashes5000spiderlashes5000 Posts: 17,495Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Birthdays of men I I can text them and make them feel cherished! LOL

  • Myradella3Myradella3 Posts: 2,481Registered Users
    4:15 am for gym and synthroid
    8:00 am and 8:00 pm for other meds