Subscription Beauty Boxes?

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What do you think of the subscription beauty boxes that have been popping up left and right? Ever got one? I love samples and I love the idea of getting something nice in the mail once a month, but I'm not 100% sold on the "Trust us! You'll love what we picked for you!" idea.

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    i would never do one. i barely like buying palettes because unless i love everything i get when i buy something i prefer singles. i know what i like and for new stuff i check reviews on makeupalley. that's how i decide on buying new stuff. i certainly wouldn't trust someone else to pick my stuff more than i trust myself and the research i do online through blogs or shopping myself. i'm in a major city so pretty much everything i'd want to buy i could test and try on myself easily.

    as a side note, i wandered to the 4a board and saw there was some talk of people being disappointed with the contents of some products in the hair boxes. i could see the same thing easily happening with makeup type boxes.
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    I subscribe to myglam/ipsy and love it. It's $10 per month but always worth way more in terms of the products I get. They almost always have at least one brand I use/would love to try so for me it's worth it. Check out YouTube videos and see if things people get are sometime you'd be interested in.

    I like myglam/ipsy because they're more makeup whereas birchbox is a mix of makeup and skincare but more emphasis on skincare I would say.

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