Still having problems, please help!

So after having been on the CG method for 2 months I'm still having problems. In my previous post I complained about my hair becoming knotty and very dry, and I was adviced to switch to a glycerine free conditioner. After 1 month on glycerine free rinse out, my hair is still quite dry and knotty (it's especially knotty in the back, but this may be from wearing scarves?), and it doesn't have as much volume as it used to before no-pooing.
I will get my hair cut as I can see I have some split ends, so something must have gone wrong somewhere.
Please give me some advice :)

I'd say I'm a 2C on the first day of washing.
My porosity is difficult to determine; in doing the float test my hair floats, but it also seems to have small bumps towards the root of my hair in the slip'n'slide test.
Apparently my hair is of medium density, but quite thin, and is of medium length.


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    Haircut with appropriate layering is a good step. It should cut down on knots and tangling. If you think it may be caused by scarves--why not stop wearing them for a short time and see?? If so, you can avoid them, or choose to tangle.

    I'm assuming "quite thin" means fine?? as you say it's medium density. In that case, protein should be your friend. I'd try a PT and, depending on what you use, a DT to follow. My fine/low porosity hair loves protein. I do one PT a week and use a lot of products with protein. For me, protein helps to tighten curl, reduce frizz and add volume.

    Depending on where you live, the dewpoints have dropped significantly. I live outside of Philly and the dewpoint was 23, I think, yesterday. That's low for this time of the year. You need to add moisture in your products to make up for the lack of moisture in the air. That means that I add an extra layer. When the dewpoints are higher, I use a leave in OR curl enhancer. When they are low, I use a leave in AND a curl enhancer. Always follow with a jelly product (gelatinous consistency, minimal or no chemicals.)
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    "Thin" does not necessarily mean "fine". Thin has more to do with how MUCH hair one has vs. the texture, which can be fine, medium, or coarse. Amount of hair can be referred to as thin, average/medium amount, or thick(meaning lots of it, whatever the texture). However, it's very common for people to have thin hair that's also fine in texture. And then there are people who have fine-textured hair but lots of it. My own hair is fine to medium in texture, but so much of it it's virtually enough for 3 heads, a fact that virtually every cutter has remarked upon. It's not consistent in either texture, or curl pattern either. Hope this clarifies!
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    Have you thoroughly checked your products? When I first went cg I was using a product with mineral oil unknowingly. I then went mod-cg and started using sulfate free shampoo and felt it was much better for me. Also started a hair regimen a few months ago and my hair is no longer dry or knotted as much. I believe I will always have knots since I am type 4 but moisture prevents most of them.
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    Also, you have to remember that it can take several months for you to figure out CG. Your hair needs time to adjust. Good luck!
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