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Hello everyone! My name is Sarah and my hair has been a sore spot for me since... pretty much forever.
I have frizzy jew hair and it's pretty much consistently been the thing I like the least about myself. So I finally decided, I've spent 19 years hating my hair. I damn well better turn 20 next year with a nice head of hair!
I brushed it to death for a while (although what was the top comment on my hair throughout my life? "If you'd just brush your hair it wouldn't look so bad!), then I spent a few years straightening it, but behold, my hair frizzes out even more when I do that. I've been on-and-off straightening it recently and I think I'm going in the right direction... I do have magical good hair days every now and then, but I want that to be most days rather than once every few months!
I've decided that I'm going to try the curly girl method, and I'll only straighten my hair for special occasions sometimes. I've also decided that after hacking it off as a method of dealing with the madness I'm going to try and grow it out. In the past I haven't been able to grow it more than an inch past my shoulders, but maybe it will be different if I'm taking extra good care of it? We'll have to see.

Attached is a picture of how my hair makes me feel.



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    Welcome, Sarah! This is a great place for you to learn how to care for your hair and bring out the best in your curls. Most of us stumbled upon this site out of frustration and desperation. We stayed because found great tips and support. Be patient - finding the products and routine that works best for your hair may take some time and experimentation. Read, read and read some more. Ask questions when you have them. Enjoy!
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    You are beautiful!

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