Christmas lights recipe

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I made this one day just for the hell of it, and noticed that not only did the tastes complement each other, but the colors did too!

Christmas lights


2 pkg. lime jello
1 pomegranate

Prepare the jello per package instructions. Place in fridge until it is sorta thickened, but not bouncy. While waiting for it to thicken, open up the pomegranate and take out all the little red seeds. When the jello is a bit thickened, mix in the seeds. They should sorta suspend in the jello. Sprinkle a few more seeds on top and put the jello back in the fridge. Allow to finish setting, then eat.

The little red seeds kinda glow in the green jello like bulbs, hence the name. And the combination of sweet and tart is pretty addictive.
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