First day on CG Method... help!

Hi! I'm in the process of reading the CG Handbook and I've decided to try out this method today. But I'm way confused. The handbook says to use a botanical conditioner as cleanser. I have the Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Conditioner (I know it's not exactly botanical, but it's what I have for now). Can I use this same product for the conditioning part of my shower routine? Or should I buy a separate conditioner? Thanks so much :love2:


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    You can use the same conditioner for cleansing and for moisturizing, but I recommend using a separate one. The reason is that most people (myself included) prefer a lighter conditioner for cleansing but need more moisture and therefore choose a heavier conditioner to follow up.

    Remember, if you have been using silicones you have to do one final wash using a sulfate cleanser before you begin a conditioner washing regime to remove any leftover silicones :)
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    Yeah I think for my next wash I'll have something more appropriate for a conditioner. Now since I'm on the CG Method I'll hand all my extra products to my sister lol (of course silicone and sulfate free!)

    Nevertheless, thank you so much :toothy8: