Any ideas how I'd get to this color?

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This is my current color:

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It looks like a pretty nice red to me in the picture, but in real life, if I'm not in direct sunlight it looks a lot darker to me. A month ago I put a "deep burgandy" that literally turned it midnight black/purple, and I've been trying to fade it with hot water and shampoos since. I would love a red more vibrant, like this, but can't even begin to think of what color it might be/what color might come close: /home/leaving?" class="Popup (

Maaaybe a little toned down, but I've been trying to get to a red like that for a while, but every red I pick ends up a "deep burgandy" color and my hair just gets darker and darker. It's very annoying. I would prefer not to bleach, but might be willing to do a soap wash or two to lighten it up a bit.
I don't want the bright fire engine red or candy-red colors you see most teens sporting. They're nice and all, but not for me. I need something that says, "yes, this obviously isn't my natural color, but it's acceptable for the work place, while allowing me to have an edge."

thank you!


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    you might want to try the mahogany shades...I did this colour (shade 565) 2 months ago, in the semi-permanent range, and it is still with me. ;p it looks like your hair colour in the pic.

    Herbashine - Ammonia-Free Cream Hair Colour -Garnier

    But as you found, the red really shines through in the sun - in a room, it is more brownish than red. So you might even try this kind of red shade (I am not pushing Garnier products, btw! I was just referring to them because my knowledge has come from what I tried.)

    Nutrisse Intense - Long Lasting Hair Colour - Garnier

    This is a permanent colour, it is shade #562, opalescent red. hth!

    ETA: I checked my links, and it doesn't bring you to the right colour - so hover your mouse arrow over the colour boxes till you find the numbers I gave you :)
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