HELP! Need new product...mines discontinued

Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum so pardon me if I'm not following the rules correctly.

I need some help so I'm reaching out to my fellow curly haired ladies for advise. :help:

I have been using for years and years Alberto European Curls a Waves Moussing Gel (along with a creme and curl defining finishing spray and a diffuser and curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner).

I have been a long time customer to only find they have discontinued my product. Now this hair moussing/gel was perfect because my hair always came out soft and full and non greasy, flaky, sticky etc. I've tried contacting Unilever and they can't offer me any other products that are similar. They encouraged me to try the new Smoothly Does It Curl defining mouse. I've tried this product two ways, air dry and diffusing to only find my hair is stiff, sticky while being half flat and half frizzy.

I'm on a budget so I can't afford salon priced products. My hair is long and layered.


Does anyone have any suggestions in Canada of products that would be a great replacement?




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    AG Mouse-Gel sounds similar! It's kind of expensive, though. Clariol 3-in-1 Conditioning Mousse has great reviews, too! One mousse I've tried is Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse. I really like it :)
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    did you find another products that works just like it?
    I am also looking and nothing is working for me as the Alberto moussing gel did.
    any ideas?
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    Ditto on Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse. It's not CG-safe, but my hair looks great with it. Full soft shiny hair, uniformly defined curls, little to no frizz for days. It's just that -cones quickly build up on my scalp so I wash my hair 2 days after applying it.

    Many also loves Paul Mitchell FlexibleStyle Conditioning Sculpting Foam and that one is CG-safe. I'm curious to try that one to replace the Suave.
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    Funny that you mention Suave. That was my go-to product for yeeeears, before they discontinued it in Canada. Then I found Alberto. Now both are gone Grrrrr! I'm using Tresseme -- but not the one for curly hair (it's really drying) Try "Climate Control"... it has that creamier consistency that Alberto did, but not quite as nice hold. Sometime I add a little spray gel to the Tresseme mousse.
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    have you tried combining geland mousse? put gell on wet hair, blot and then scrunch in mousse.
    Lately I'm more into gel (Garnier Pure Clean) but I've had some good experience with Suave mousse and Clairol herbal essence tousling mousse
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    I just wanted to chime in to say it's so frustrating when a product that works for you is discontinued. Sorry that you are experiencing that!

    Carrie, I wish I had suggestions for you but unfortunately - none. Don't know the Canadian market at all.
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