Single strand knots!!!

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Hey naturals I have been natural for about 2 1/2 years now and I have so many single strand knots that that my hair is starting to break and the end of my hair is getting thin. I was wondering if anybody had any tips to prevent single strand knots????


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    Keep your ends moisturized, sealed and trimmed to minimize split ends. Keep your hair stretched. Those things work for me.

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    I try to keep my hair stretched but it gets frizzy fast and shrink old my be I'm no using the right products.
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    kekabug08 wrote: »
    I try to keep my hair stretched but it gets frizzy fast and shrink old my be I'm no using the right products.

    I couldnt quite make out the last part of your msg but product is important. I find that ssk are persistent when i have my hair in loose nature state, wither its puff or wash n go (highly uncommon) keeping it stretch is important to keep down frizz use shea butter or thick butter on your twists/braid that way when u take them down the definition is solid. Also seal those ends after moisture. Start off but getting a trim then go from there. HTH

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